Rest in Bethlehem (Ruth 3:1-18)

Rest in Bethlehem (Ruth 3:1-18)

Main idea: In the midst of our restlessness, we are invited to seek rest by waiting on our Redeemer.


  1. The impatience and folly of Naomi (Ruth 3:1-4)
  2. The integrity and faith of Boaz and Ruth (Ruth 3:5-18)
  3. The invisible fingerprints of a Nearer Redeemer

Secondary sources cited:

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**Preacher’s note** From 30:30-31:04, the preacher noticeably stumbled over his quotation of Barry Webb due to a significant typo in his sermon notes. The full quote from Webb he had intended to use in his sermon is as follows:

“In the previous episode Boaz had expressed the wish that Yahweh, under whose ‘wings’ Ruth had come to take refuge (2:12), would richly reward her. It was a precious moment, with Boaz poised delicately between recognition and reserve. Now Ruth challenges him to translate his pious words into action by being the means by which the blessing will be fulfilled.” (Webb, 46)

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