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Glorifying God

                Because He is the center around which everything revolves.  Because He is the most glorious.  Because from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.  Because to Him rightfully belongs the glory forever (Rom 11:36) – we seek to behold His glory.  We seek to glorify God.  We see Him working through us for the sake of His glory through Word, Covenant, and Heart.  

 Word - the Bible, words 

                We love music, art, film, theater but we are committed to learning and teaching the written word because God chose to reveal Himself through the written word, i.e., the Bible.  “Word” is such an important concept that Jesus is even called the Word (John 1:1).  The medium influences the conversation.  As Neil Postman observes, “you cannot do philosophy with smoke signals.”  Through the written and spoken word, we can move beyond appearance and seek a deeper knowing.

                Our aim at FSC is not to simply keep up appearances.  We long for reality – a real relationship with God as He really is and with each other as we really are.  To that end, word, God’s word, our words with each other, the written word matters to us. 

                In regard to the Bible, we thank God for how He has blessed us in our study and teaching of Scripture.  One of our teachers is Dr. Peter Gentry.  Peter teaches Old Testament at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and he teaches our adult Sunday School class.  He is one of the best Bible scholars in the world. 

                Our preaching pastor, Mark Janke, was a student of Dr. John Sailhamer’s for his M.Div. studies and for his Th.M. degree in Old Testament.  Like Dr. Gentry, Dr. Sailhamer was convinced of the Bible’s inerrancy, compositional craftsmanship, and unity.  Like Dr. Gentry, his understanding of Scripture displayed how the New Testament writers were not reading a meaning into the Old Testament, but simply getting it right in understanding the meaning the Old Testament writers intended to convey.

Pastor Mark was also blessed to be part of an apprenticeship program at Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis, MN from 1986 to 1988.  The teaching he received from Dr. John Piper and staff during this time gave him a vision for the pastorate and increased his understanding of God’s word and how to make sense of it.

God has also blessed our church with students and teachers of the written word.  We currently have a number of members who make their living in teaching in local schools.  We also have a fairly high percentage of published authors and those looking to be published.    


                God is a covenant making and keeping God.  At the heart of solid, enduring relationships between God and people and between people and people are covenants.  Tim Kellor distinguishes between marketplace relationships and covenant relationships.  In a marketplace relationship, as long as I get from you what I want, I stay with you.  If my desires or you change, back to the marketplace to search for someone else.  In a covenant relationship, I bind myself to you through solemn promises and stay with you regardless of changes in me or you. 

                The good news, the hope for lasting joy proclaimed by Scripture is tied to what the Bible refers to as the New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31, Luke 22:30).  In the New Covenant, God promises to deliver a person who is part of this covenant relationship from the guilt of their sin and the enslaving power of their sin through the finished work of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

How does person become part of this arrangement?  How do we get in on this deal?  Through faith in Christ.  That is, rather than counting on our ability to do good enough and/or to be good enough; we count on Jesus Christ.  We recognize that whatever good we might offer up is not enough to cancel out our bad.  There is nothing we can offer to secure our forgiveness or justify ourselves.  The sacrifice of Christ on the cross, however, is enough.  We also recognize our slavery to sin and our inability to wholly free ourselves.  Jesus, however, can send the Holy Spirit to live inside of us.  The Holy Spirit does have the power to change our hearts, to give us more love for God and neighbor in this life and perfect love for God and neighbor in heaven.  So, at FSC, we rejoice in the New Covenant and teach that salvation is found only in Christ. 

                Concerning our relationships with other people, we proclaim the huge importance of covenants.  The, “till death do us part,” marriage covenant between one man and one woman is crucial to the flourishing of children, adults, and society.  To ignore the harm done to our neighbor’s good through the breakdown of the mom and dad family is to ignore reality.  We define “dysfunctional” as departing from the Bible’s view of what a human being is and how to live with one another in truly human ways.  The further the departure, the more dysfunctional the person, family, and/or relationship.  For the sake of God’s glory and neighbor’s good, we seek to serve our neighbor in ways that will enhance functional flourishing of the person, family, and relationships. 


                Our hearts are crucial.  1 Samuel 16, the last part of verse 7, “…for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”  What does He see?  He sees His image and likeness.  He sees sin.  He sees wounds.  We all sin.  Thus, we are all raised by sinners.  It is impossible to be raised by sinners and live among them without being wounded.

Proverbs 4:23 calls on us to “watch over your heart with all diligence for from it flow the springs of life.”  Those springs are hindered, however, because our hearts are wicked and wounded.  The Gospel – the good news concerning who Jesus is and what Jesus did, does, and will do addresses both.  At FSC, we seek to apply the Gospel not only to the sins of our hearts but also to the wounds.  Soul care matters to us at FSC.  As Jeremiah 17:14 says, “Heal me, o Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for You are my praise.”

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